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White Paper Cover: When Is(n't) Blockchain Right?

Blockchain 101: When Is(n’t) Blockchain Right?

A Decision Guide for Supply Chain Professionals

April 1, 2021
Blockchain has become an industry buzzword, with blockchain for supply chain touted as a game-changer for business operations. Estimates suggest blockchain technology will generate over $3.1 trillion in new business by 2030. But, if the mention of blockchain leaves you scratching your head (or your colleagues rolling their eyes), you’re not alone. Challenging enough to understand its own, Blockchain ROI is even harder to determine. This white paper explains blockchain 101 technology, its potential ROI, and the costs and benefits of application. Authors also present lessons from blockchain pioneers, like Amazon, Mondelez International, and Pfizer. Provided with the paper is a toolkit for effectively determining if blockchain for supply chain is feasible for your company.
White Paper Cover: Future Trends Shaping Transportation

Modern Takes on Transportation in Supply Chain Management

Industry Trends for Global Supply Chain Leaders

November 1, 2020
Transportation is the chief agent of motion in global supply chains. Ensuring continuous connectivity and visibility into where products are once they’ve shipped (i.e., end-to-end supply chain visibility) is a great challenge highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This white paper explores best practices, challenges, and predictions for transportation in supply chain management, as well as solutions for supply chain leaders when it comes to evolving transportation industry trends.
White Paper Covers: Managing Cyber Risks in Global Supply Chains: The Four Fundamentals

Supply Chain Risk Management

Four Fundamentals to Managing Cyber Risks in Global Supply Chains

April 1, 2020
Managing cyber risks within global supply chains is one of the top challenges facing today’s supply chain managers. Yet a key insight from interviews conducted with more than 30 cyber experts for this white paper was that most supply chain leaders do not have a clear understanding of how to reduce risk. Industry leaders have clear cybersecurity strategies and build cybersecurity-centric cultures. If your company needs to shift to a solid supply chain risk management strategy, this white paper is for you.
White Paper Cover: A Savvy Guide to the Digital Supply Chain: How to Evaluate and Leverage Technology to Build a Supply Chain for the Digital Age

A Savvy Guide to the Digital Supply Chain

How to Navigate Technology in Supply Chain Management

April 15, 2018
Today’s supply chain leaders must be able to adapt and thrive in the face of new and constant disruptions to their organization’s supply chains. Recently, technology has been developed to mitigate the impact of these challenges. But adapting to new technologies and processes, on top of the daily tasks associated with your role, can be daunting. This white paper considers research that suggests supply chains, and the organizations that support them, are in the early stages of a digital transformation. It can serve as a guide for professionals who are evaluating and leveraging technology to build a supply chain that’s ready for the digital age.
White Paper Cover: New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices: The Application of New Technology in the Physical Supply Chain

New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices

The Application of New Technology in the Physical Supply Chain

April 1, 2017
Keeping up with the latest supply chain technologies can feel like a full-time job. Understanding, adopting, and integrating the growing list of modern supply chain innovations is an even greater challenge. This white paper illustrates supply chain best practices for applying new technology advances to your physical supply chain and organizational strategy. In an era of unprecedented advances, Paul Dittmann outlines an easy-to-follow, well-researched guide for navigating innovation.
White Paper Cover: Transportation 2025 MegaTrends and Current Best Practices: Navigating in a Digital Economy

Transportation 2025 MegaTrends and Current Best Practices: Navigating in a Digital Economy

April 30, 2015
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