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The Global Supply Chain Institute is at the center of a robust network of supply chain management students, practitioners, corporate partners, and scholars. When all of its facets converge, GSCI acts as a hub where industry-shaping breakthroughs are possible and widespread challenges are defined and addressed.

At the University of Tennessee, we distinguish ourselves by rolling up our sleeves and engaging directly with industry and academia to shape the future of the discipline.

“GSCI is a conduit that connects current practice with future talent, and that conduit goes in both directions because the businesses learn from the students as well.”

– Chad Autry, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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At GSCI, we meet professionals at every career level and offer learning opportunities to deepen their knowledge and practice. You can access our curriculum through our degree programs and ongoing talent development opportunities or attend events that allow professionals to learn as supply chain challenges evolve.

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One of GSCI’s greatest attributes is the collection of supply chain thought leaders, corporate executives, and dedicated professionals who utilize and participate in the Supply Chain Forum. Together, these individuals make up a wide-reaching network of supply chain minds that is second to none in terms of expertise and support for each other’s development.

A business recruiter speaks with a University of Tennessee supply chain management student at the Supply Chain Forum.


Top talent and top companies intersect at GSCI, and with over 1,450 undergraduate, 550 collaterals, and 400+ graduate supply chain students, we take recruiting efforts seriously. Our students are ready to take on boundary-spanning activities, and we work with our Partners to help pair them with and attract our top talent. Through our career fairs, the Forum, and ongoing job-focused events, students and Partners have ample opportunity to meet, network, and find the right fit for any role. This recruitment push extends beyond students and partners and includes adding and retaining dynamic faculty from various backgrounds and experiences.

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Discover the latest best practices

GSCI is home to leading scholarly and applied research in supply chain management. Our faculty are regularly published in top academic journals and are often called upon to comment on the day’s most pressing topics in nationally respected media. Their influence is accessible through GSCI’s white papers, blog, email newsletter, and podcast.

Develop your talent

Our talent development programs help position your employees to take on the unique challenges facing your business by using the best practices established within the highly ranked programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Learn more about our Custom Programs, Open Courses, SCM Foundations Series, and Academies.


Enhance your supply chain strategy

Industries and supply chains continuously evolve. With change comes the opportunity for recalibrating strategies to ensure company practices align with the direction of their specific supply chain. To assist companies of various sizes across a range of industries, GSCI offers assessments and strategy development to partners and organizations interested in refining their approach to supply chain best practices.

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Attend the Supply Chain Forum

The forum is the fabric that connects all aspects of GSCI. It allows partners to build connections, learn from each other, share best practices across industries, and maximize their supply chain strategy. The twice-a-year event gives students, practitioners, corporate partners, and academics a chance to network and dive deeper into relevant trends and topics. We offer basic and premium corporate partnership options.  Partners represent large, mid-sized, and small companies and a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturers, retailers, and service providers. Our partners receive group access to the Supply Chain Forum, plus learning, research, and recruiting opportunities to develop their supply chain practice.

“Two areas where WestRock routinely benefits from its GSCI partnership are talent development opportunities that touch our entire team, along with meaningful learning and networking experiences for leaders across our supply chain. The experience of meeting students early in their development and getting the chance to influence their growth and development as they prepare to enter the workforce is very rewarding.”

– Peter Anderson, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Westrock

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