Supply Chain Technology: A Savvy Supply Chain Digital Guide

How to Navigate Technology in Supply Chain Management

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute. Sponsored by IBM.


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Authors:Ben Hazen, PhD; Shay D. Scott, PhD; Theodore P. Stank, PhD
Date: April, 2018

What’s Inside this Technology in Supply Chain Management White Paper:

“Our research suggests that supply chains, and the organizations which support them, are in the early stages of a digital transformation that will likely represent the biggest change in the integrated supply chain era.”

There is no doubt about it: the times for business and supply chain management professionals are changing. To stay ahead of the curve,  supply chain leaders must incorporate new digital supply chain strategies and practices.

Thriving, however, will require a deeper understanding of supply chain technology, including learning the fundamentals of supply chain digitization and digitalization. From there, adopting and applying supply chain digital strategies that are capable of  transforming and improving organizational supply chains is essential.

The goal of this white paper is to help business professionals navigate the digital supply chain technology learning curve and evaluate, leverage, and adopt effective strategies that will stand the test of time.  

Within this white paper download, you will find: 

  • Definitions of prominent supply chain digital technologies that supply chain managers can expect to encounter in the coming years
  • Foundational information for understanding supply chain digitization and digitalization
  • A summary of emerging digital supply chain trends based on field research interviews 
  • The SAVVY framework supply chain leaders may use to adopt and apply supply chain digitization best practices 
  • A digital supply chain maturity assessment to evaluate how prepared an organization is to meet the challenges and disruptions of today’s digital economy  

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Who This White Paper is Primarily For: Global Supply Chain Managers, Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students.

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White Paper Cover: A Savvy Guide to the Digital Supply Chain: How to Evaluate and Leverage Technology to Build a Supply Chain for the Digital Age