SCM Talent Strategy Development

A supply chain recruiter interacts with a prospective candidate at a UT career management event.

Grow your talent today so you can build your business tomorrow

Educating students is the core of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s mission. In addition to preparing supply chain students capable of managing boundary-spanning activities and processes across the global supply chain, GSCI works directly with Supply Chain Forum partners to build their current employees’ capabilities.

Our approach to talent development is focused on the big picture. That’s why we work with you to develop a plan that ensures the right mix of individual development and holistic strategy to help your company reach its goals faster. To meet your business goals, we design custom programs, operate Leadership, Finance, and Planning academies, and integrate our top-ranked graduate degree programs, such as the Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain and MS SCM Online, into talent development strategies.

While we work across the supply chain, companies often ask GSCI to help develop competency in areas such as:

  • Connecting SCM to the overall financial results of the company
  • Understanding and mapping strategies for supply chain digitalization
  • Building a comprehensive SCM strategy
  • Developing leaders who can use SCM as a strategic enabler for the business

Why partner with GSCI?

Our Talent Strategy Development services allow you to work directly with UT’s expert faculty and staff and develop a plan that will evolve with your employees’ participation and insights. Partnering with us allows you to plug into our network of industry insights and take advantage of an innovative supply chain curriculum tailored to meet your business’s unique needs.

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