Blockchain 101: When Is(n’t) Blockchain Right?

Evaluating ROI for Blockchain in Supply Chain Organizations

“When Is(n’t) Blockchain Right? A Decision Guide for Supply Chain Professionals”

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute 

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Authors:Alan Amling, PhD; Emily Cagen; Mary Holcomb, PhD; Randy Bradley, PhD
Date: April, 2021

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It’s no secret that supply chains, and supply chain management as a field, are becoming more challenging by the day. More partners, data, distributions, and headaches. If this struggle sounds familiar, blockchain may be a key piece of your solution set. 

Blockchain is among the most hyped (and misunderstood) words of the last decade. But dismissing this technology is a mistake. At a time when partners and competitors must share information across the supply chain, or are needing to execute commercial transactions where trust is limited, blockchain has provided real value for real companies. Market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts companies will spend $14.4B on blockchain by 2023. So, despite its unknowns, challenges, and reputation as difficult to navigate, this technology may be a viable solution for business operations.

You may be asking yourself: is blockchain right for my company? How can I determine blockchain ROI and feasibility? Or even more simply, what is blockchain and how does it work? 

Functional and informative, this white paper explains blockchain 101 technology, potential ROI, costs and benefits, and includes lessons from blockchain pioneers. Inside you will also find a tangible toolkit for determining whether or not blockchain for supply chain is right for your company. 

Authors conducted research with industry-leading companies, like Amazon, Mondelez International, and Pfizer over the course of 18 months. These dozens of case studies and interviews across a broad range of industries can help supply chain management professionals understand how blockchain can be used, how organizations are already using it, and how to know if it will support their companies. Inside, after your Blockchain 101 Tutorial, you’ll find a Blockchain Screener along with a 15-question Decision-Support Framework to map out blockchain opportunities. Used together, these tools provide a structured and efficient approach to assessing the timing and extent of investing in blockchain for your organization.

Who This is Primarily For: Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Procurement Executives, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students.

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White Paper Cover: When Is(n't) Blockchain Right?