Modern Takes on Transportation in Supply Chain Management

Transportation Industry Trends for Global Supply Chain Leaders

Future Trends Shaping Transportation

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute. Sponsored by Ryder.


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Authors:Alan Amling, PhD; Mary Holcomb, PhD; Mary Long
Date: November, 2020

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Leading supply chain managers are embracing an innovative out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new approach to meeting the challenges facing transportation, the chief agent of motion in global supply chains

Never before has the role of transportation been so critical to so many industries, or so publicly scrutinized as consumer expectations and challenges grow. With the implementation of new technology, digitization, and innovation for meeting the challenges of rapidly changing marketplaces and trends, supply chain leaders that can more easily achieve visibility into the physical location, status, and condition of their products are primed for success.

“Free shipping is not free. As customer expectations rise, their willingness to pay does not necessarily grow in step with cost to serve. The desire to get more for less is not going away, creating tremendous cost and service pressures up and down the supply chain. If there was a silver lining in all the executive interviews [for this white paper], it was the level of innovation being driven in these companies to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Within this white paper download, you will find: 

  • Research, definitions, challenges, predictions, and solutions for modern-day transportation in supply chain management 
  • Insights from over 30 interviews with industry and academic thought leaders 
  • Transportation industry trends and sector spotlights, featuring insider POVs from leaders at Atlas Air Worldwide, Hassett Express, Southwest Airlines, South Carolina Ports Authority, and BNSF Railway  
  • Five themes impacting transportation in supply chain management:
    • Technology, with radical departures from traditional processes 
    • Design, with an emphasis on hyper-local approaches 
    • E-Commerce, with last-mile focuses shifting to last-yard optimizations 
    • Talent Training, with transformations in mind for tomorrow’s workforce 
    • Agility, with insights into the new normals for standard operating procedures 
  • Explanations of the VUCA Supply Chain Framework 
  • Illustrations of the CAMERAS Framework and best practices 

Download and take a deep dive into transportation industry trends for today’s supply chain management leaders and tomorrow’s emerging workforce. 

Who This White Paper is Primarily For: Global Supply Chain Managers, Corporate CEOs, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, Transportation Professionals, and Supply Chain Students. 

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Watch two of the authors of this white paper discuss these themes at the Fall 2020 Supply Chain Form.
White Paper Cover: Future Trends Shaping Transportation