Disruption and Risk Management

White Paper Cover: Advancing E2E Agile Resiliency in Supply Chains

Supply Chain Design: Achieve Resiliency with End to End Supply Chain Agility

Advancing E2E Agile Resiliency in Supply Chains

January 1, 2021
Supply chain leaders have been through the wringer in recent years. While it’s easy to blame recent supply chain issues on COVID-19, experts warn that risks, uncertainties and supply chain disruptions will continue to challenge economies, marketplaces, and consumers alike. It’s never been more important to 1) evaluate how vulnerable your organization is to supply chain disruptions, and 2) add end to end supply chain considerations and agile resiliency capabilities into your supply chain design. This white paper offers practical “how-to” guidance for advancing and modernizing your approach.
White Paper Cover: EPIC Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment

EPIC Supply Chain Framework

A Global Risk Assessment & Readiness Resource 

April 15, 2020
In an increasingly unpredictable world, business leaders can better assess risk by using the EPIC Report and associated EPIC Supply Chain Framework, which measures supply chain readiness from four perspectives: Economy (E), Politics (P), Infrastructure (I), and Competence (C). The authors of this white paper evaluated 64 countries from 10 geographic regions, with a particular focus on how supply chain leaders can manage risk and plan, prepare, and measure supply chain capabilities both globally and for their organizations. This report is must-read information for today’s supply chain decision-makers.
White Paper Covers: Managing Cyber Risks in Global Supply Chains: The Four Fundamentals

Supply Chain Risk Management

Four Fundamentals to Managing Cyber Risks in Global Supply Chains

April 1, 2020
Managing cyber risks within global supply chains is one of the top challenges facing today’s supply chain managers. Yet a key insight from interviews conducted with more than 30 cyber experts for this white paper was that most supply chain leaders do not have a clear understanding of how to reduce risk. Industry leaders have clear cybersecurity strategies and build cybersecurity-centric cultures. If your company needs to shift to a solid supply chain risk management strategy, this white paper is for you.
White Paper Cover: Driving Shareholder Value with Your Supply Chain Insights to Help Unlock Value across Your Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage

Driving Shareholder Value with Your Supply Chain Strategy

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Supply Chain Best Practices

April 15, 2019
Chief executives know economic profit drives shareholder value, and savvy business leaders are confident that supply chain excellence is critical for gaining a competitive edge, both operationally and financially. However, some businesspeople do not understand the direct link between supply chain excellence and shareholder value. This white paper explores elements of this link, helping you acquire a basic understanding of supply chain best practices and learn how organizations use supply chain innovation to generate cash to grow their respective businesses.
White Paper Cover: Global Supply Chains

Global Supply Chains

November 1, 2014
Sponsored by BT Global – A Report by the Supply Chain Management Faculty at the University of Tennessee
White Paper Cover: Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain

Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain

How to Manage Supply Chain Challenges and Risk

April 30, 2014
One constant when it comes to global supply chain management is risk. Despite the many challenges companies face, executives don’t always prioritize or formalize how supply chain challenges will be resolved. Supply chain leaders must therefore prioritize risk management and enact processes to identify and mitigate risk. This is must-know information for the modern supply chain professional.