Supply Chain Design: Achieve Resiliency with End to End Supply Chain Agility

A Guide for Developing a More Agile Resilient, End to End Supply Chain Design

A Proactive Approach to Creating Value During Global Supply Chain Disruptions 

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute


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Authors:Brian Kolek; David Demers
Date: January, 2021

What's Inside:

“Industry leaders are adopting end-to-end (E2E) agile resiliency, a new supply chain design that embraces the best attributes of supply chain agility and resiliency readiness”

COVID-19 proved that global supply chain issues can wreak havoc on consumers and companies alike. The pandemic disrupted every link in the value chain. And while many long for a period of stability and recovery, experts warn that supply chain challenges and uncertainties continue well into the future.

As a supply chain leader, you must look critically at your organization to ensure it's strengthening its readiness for future disruptions. One way to do this is by implementing an end to end, agile resilient supply chain design. 

According to a recent McKinsey study, 93% of supply chain leaders are planning to take further actions to strengthen resilience in their supply chains. The “band-aid” solutions you may have used mid-crisis must be fortified for long-term success and profitability. 

This white paper examines how supply chains are adapting across multiple industries, and how companies can stress-test and build more agile-resilient supply chains for today and for future events. 

Within this white paper download, you’ll find:

  • A starter kit of core agile resiliency supply chain design considerations, along with helpful definitions, models, and actionable examples 
  • Quantitative research findings from discussions with executives from 22 leading supply chain organizations 
  • A proprietary Diamond Analysis of the top 16-24 firms across three industries, conducted over 24 months before and during COVID-19 
  • Six readiness questions to assess if leadership is ready for agile resiliency, and to help you develop the right leadership model 
  • The top 10 critical capabilities for agile resiliency, with an “Agile Resiliency Implementation Model” for each 
  • An Agile Resiliency Enablement Blueprint process to guide your company through adoption steps 
  • The five key steps to take while approaching, implementing and validating your optimized end to end supply chain design 
  • Ideas for breakthrough collaboration models that drive agile resiliency

What’s the silver lining for supply chain leaders? Disruption drives new thinking, and crisis forces change. This paper is an exhaustive guide, full of relevant, practical information for companies to survive and thrive during supply chain disruptions

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Who This is Primarily For: Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Procurement Executives, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students.

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White Paper Cover: Advancing E2E Agile Resiliency in Supply Chains