EPIC Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment

The environment – natural, political, business – is increasingly unpredictable. Given such uncertainty, how can supply chain leaders assess risk and measure supply chain capability globally? With the new EPIC Global Supply Chain Readiness Index 2020, leaders will gain greater visibility into an uncertain world, allowing them to plan and prepare accordingly. The EPIC structure provides a framework for assessing 64 countries in 10 geographic regions around the globe on their supply chain readiness from four different perspectives: Economy (E), Politics (P), Infrastructure (I), and Competence (C). The purpose of the EPIC structure is to define and explain the conceptual dimensions of global supply chain management and to identify the characteristics of those dimensions in 10 distinct regions of the world.

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Authors:Alan Amling, PhD; Aleksandra Maguire; Alexandre M. Rodrigues, PhD; Kristyna Alexova; Shay D. Scott, PhD; Theodore P. Stank, PhD
Date: April, 2020

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White Paper Cover: EPIC Global Supply Chain Risk Assessment