MS in Supply Chain Management Online

Get your MS in Supply Chain Management Online with the Haslam College of Business — online — and learn to stay ahead as supply chain continues to change.

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What to Expect

30 credit hours

18-24 months

60-120-minute live sessions

1 capstone project

3-day immersion session

Full- or part-time

Program Objectives

  • Learn to leverage supply chain management concepts, functions and enablers to deliver real impact to your organization.

  • Get the critical thinking skills to use theory and strategy to solve real business problems.

  • Gain an understanding of how supply chain management processes can create value for your organization.

  • Master ways to work effectively with remote teams, and geographically and culturally diverse teammates.

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What You'll Learn

Supply Chain Concepts

Master how supply chain management can best be used to deliver impactful results to a company.

Supply Chain Functions

Utilize knowledge of supply chain functions such as planning, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics to support overall supply chain concepts.

Supply Chain Enablers

Discover how to employ critical levers such as technology and international trade to benefit the supply chain.


How to Apply

Step 1

Complete your Application at

Step 2

Review and Complete the Following Application Components:

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Tuition and Financial Aid

This page covers the expected cost for your program, the ways you might pay for it, and our graduates’ estimated salaries.


Cost per Credit Hour


Total Credit Hours


Total Cost of Attendance

The program fee includes:

  • All university tuition and fees
  • Case studies, periodicals for required reading
  • Technical support for all software

The program fee does not include:

  • Books, professional subscriptions and supplies
  • Laptop computer (if needed, you can purchase a laptop at a discount through the UT Computer Store)
  • Lodging and travel for the immersion experience

*UT reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees when deemed necessary. These are set by the UT Board of Trustees in June/July of each year.

Is This a Good Investment?

Graduates from programs like ours often find employment in a range of leadership positions. According to a 2019 GMAC Business Hiring Report, 67% of U.S. companies plan to hire graduates from supply chain management programs. Nationally, the average salary for many of these occupations is quite lucrative. As each graduate is unique, you should evaluate your personal goals after graduation in order to assess your earning potential.

Job Title

Average Salary

$0 to

Account Manager




Director, Supply Chain


Fleet Manager


Fulfillment Manager


Industrial Engineering Supervisor


Logistics Director




Project Manager


Senior Buyer


Vice President, Distribution


Financial Assistance Options

Students have a variety of options to fund their education. Some of the most frequently used funding options are included below, but we encourage you to consult with the Financial Aid Office and/or a financial advisor when determining the best options available.

Other Scholarships

We recommend the FastWeb scholarship search site for external scholarship opportunities.

Employer Sponsorship

Many applicants' employers provide full or partial financial assistance, as the MS SCM - Online assignments relate directly to work and improve employee performance and retention. For State of Tennessee employees, please note that the entire cost of the program may not be covered by the employee education benefit. Please connect with your employer for specific details as they relate to your company.

Military Service Programs

Details and eligibility guidelines for the Post-9/11 benefits, including the Yellow Ribbon Program, can be found through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Applicants can also contact UT’s Veterans Resource Center: or 865-974-1500.


The Federal government provides loan options for graduate students, even if they do not qualify for need-based financial aid. The UT Financial Aid Office works with two types of U.S. federal government loans:

  • Federal Direct Loans: This is generally the lowest cost loan available, for up to $20,500 every academic year. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, take at least six credits per semester, and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify.
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loans: If you need to borrow more, then a Graduate PLUS loan can generally cover the remainder. You will need to submit the application for the Federal Direct loan prior to applying for the PLUS.

If federal loans are unavailable or insufficient, we can help you explore private or alternative education loans. Unlike federal loans, private loans do not require a FAFSA to apply. Private loans are not based on need and approval is generally based on creditworthiness and ability to repay. Some students may need to apply with a credit-worthy co-signer. Interest rates, grace periods, repayment options and fees are determined by the lender and can vary considerably from lender to lender; generally, they charge higher rates than Federal loans. For more information on private loans, please visit our private lender list.


If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 865-322-9978.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Summer 2021

February 17

Priority Submit Deadline

April 12

Final Submit Deadlines

May 10

Classes Start

Fall 2021

June 2

Priority Submit Deadline

July 21

Final Submit Deadlines


Classes Start

Spring 2022

October 6

Priority Submit Deadline

December 6

Final Submit Deadlines


Classes Start


The Online Learning Experience

The Haslam MS in Supply Chain Management will give you access to a ranked program and faculty, in an online format. You’ll get a degree from a renowned supply chain institution and you’ll also benefit from a seamless holistic online learning experience.

Bringing the Classroom to You

  • Online programs bring a new level of flexibility into getting your masters degree, while still fulfilling your current commitments

  • Our format offers synchronous classes online every other week, giving you ample time to complete coursework and seek help from faculty between sessions

  • All of our classes are conducted online, with the exception of a short in-person immersion session

Student Support Services

  • Regular faculty office hours for each course, open to all students

  • Personal student success coach for support, from orientation through graduation

What to Expect

  • Proven curriculum and faculty available in an online format

  • Live class sessions with polling, in-class chat and break out rooms

  • Engagement tools to allow synchronous discussions and lectures

  • Participation and collaboration tools that allow asynchronous video, audio and text commenting

Frequently Asked Questions

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