Advanced Supply Chain Planning: Leading Edge Capabilities for Future Success

Supply Chain Strategy and Supply Chain Framework = A Must-Read for Today’s Supply Chain Manager

Advanced Supply Chain Planning: Leading Edge Capabilities Needed to Win in 2030”

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute 


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Authors:Dan Pellathy, PhD; Mike Burnette
Date: November, 2023

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“Leaders must recognize that supply chain planning excellence is a moving target. Companies need to build a solid foundation for today while investing in the capabilities required for success tomorrow.” 

As environments evolve, the function of supply chain planning has grown increasingly crucial for businesses. Supply chain professionals unanimously agree about the impact supply chain challenges have had on this industry. The past decade has seen increased complexity, competing demands, increased consumer expectations for personalization, and a torrent of shockwaves that have rippled throughout the globe.

Many businesses are engaging supply chain planning professionals to lead the critical transformations needed for responding to these pressures, from procurement to final delivery of goods. This embrace of supply chain planning as central to supply chain strategy and execution will only increase in the years to come.

Supply chain planning professionals now have the potential to transform systems, align commercial and technical resources, and engage both your supply chain leaders and the broader organization. But first, planning knowledge and capabilities must be developed.

This white paper shares what makes for a robust supply chain planning foundation today as well as seven leading-edge capabilities supply chain managers need to succeed through 2030.

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  • Advanced supply chain planning context and research
  • A supply chain framework for end-to-end planning
  • A supply chain planning system model
  • Supply chain planning maxims
  • Seven leading-edge capabilities for future-proofing supply chain planning success
  • Additional findings, visualizations, and insights

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White Paper Cover: Advanced Supply Chain Planning