Supply Chain Strategy & Fundamentals: All About Supply Chain Agility

An Introduction to Supply Chain Agility and the Challenges Facing Today’s Companies

Meeting the Challenge of Supply Chain Agility

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute 


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Authors:Bruce Behn, PhD; Dan Pellathy, PhD; J. Paul Dittmann, PhD; Pradeep Charath, MBA
Date: August, 2023

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Supply chain agility creates a culture of calculated risk-taking and innovation that can transform how companies recognize and capture opportunities as they arise in the market.” 

High-performing companies have pursued agile supply chain strategies for years. And while investing in supply chain agility has proven results, companies have yet to master the agile supply chain.

With disruptions facing global supply chains at an increased rate, supply chain agility includes several critical benefits for business leaders. But first, they must understand the challenges, consider what it takes to overcome them, and ultimately choose the right supply chain strategies to ensure their company’s success.

Often, supply chain leaders seek remedies to short-term problems and disruptions while they’re occurring. This reactionary practice keeps organizations from reaping the benefits of proactively preparing their supply chains for the obstacles ahead.

But the good news is that agility enhancements are within reach for most businesses. The journey towards more agile supply chains starts with understanding the value of supply chain agility as well as the three major challenges facing today’s organizations as they pursue this strategy. The research in this white paper, conducted with Bush Brothers, Colgate-Palmolive, and IBM, thoroughly introduces the concept of supply chain agility for leaders investing in the future of their businesses.

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  • Three key challenges for companies investing in supply chain agility 
  • How to overcome these challenges to ensure your organization’s success
  • Helpful definitions and context for supply chain managers and supply chain leaders 
  • Case studies from corporate partners that have successfully implemented agile initiatives 
  • Practical advice for overcoming supply chain agility obstacles 
  • Helpful soundbites to share with supply chain teams and C-suite leaders

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Advanced Supply Chain Collaborative works like a think tank, with industry experts and UT faculty engaging, exploring, collaborating, and reporting on advanced concepts in supply chain management and supply chain innovation. An initiative of the Global Supply Chain Institute, researchers include faculty members from the Department of Supply Chain Management and other departments in the Haslam College of Business. Partner companies have included Amazon, Bush Brothers & Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Kenco Logistics, Pfizer, Shaw Industries, Schneider Electric, Sysco, Takeda, and WestRock. 

This White Paper is Primarily For: Global Supply Chain Managers, Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students.

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