End to End Supply Chain Synchronization: Building a Winning Strategy

How to Orchestrate Supply Chain Best Practices and Supply Chain Synchronization in your Organization

End-to-End Supply Chain Synchronization: Orchestrating a Winning Strategy

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute


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Authors:Dan Pellathy, PhD; J. Scott Meline; Mike Burnette
Date: April, 2020

What's Inside:

Supply chain leaders can often feel like they’ve been relegated to supporting roles, asked to devise a supply chain strategy that may be—to not fault of their own—out of synch with the rest of their organization. If you’re feeling frustrated or unable to break through silos or align various departments and leaders to reap the benefits of supply chain synchronization, you’re not alone. 

Because end to end supply chain synchronization is hard. But, it’s not impossible. In fact, benchmark supply chain organizations are driving significant value by ensuring that all critical supply chain elements are synchronized to core business drivers with 100% commitment and alignment among leadership. Leading companies maintain their competitive advantage by synching the Three Ps (physical assets, business processes, and people systems) with their core business drivers. 

In this white paper, you’ll find definitions, tools, research, and questions that to ask for determining if your business is ready for supply chain synchronization. The authors interviewed 13 leading companies across seven industries to examine how exactly benchmark companies use end to end supply chain synchronization to their advantage. 

Upon download, you’ll also find:

  • Helpful end to end supply chain synchronization definitions
  • The six most frequently implemented end to end supply chain strategies( via a Supply Chain improvement model)
  • Findings and insights from 13 leading companies across seven industries 
  • Four primary questions to ask for determining a supply chain leaders readiness for synchronization 
  • Eight supply chain best practices that increase total value through synchronization 
  • External networking and benchmarking data  
  • An eight-step functional synchronization toolkit
  • A case study
  • And more


to learn how you can apply supply chain synchronization to bridge the gap between supply chain operations, multi-functional business departments and processes, people systems, and core business drivers. When all key elements are synchronized in harmony, total value can be fully optimized.  

Who This is Primarily For: Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Procurement Executives, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students. 

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White Paper Cover: End-to-End Supply Chain Synchronization: Orchestrating a Winning Strategy