Supply Chain Management Challenges and Best Practices

How to Improve Purchasing & Logistics Supply Chain Integration in Your Organization

“Bending the Chain: The Surprising Challenge of Integrating Purchasing and Logistics”

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute. Sponsored by IBM.


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Authors:Chad Autry, PhD; Dan Pellathy, PhD; J. Paul Dittmann, PhD; Kenneth J. Petersen, PhD; Mike Burnette; Theodore P. Stank, PhD
Date: April, 2014

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“High-performing companies ‘bend the chain’ of plan, source, make, and deliver to enable alignment between purchasing and logistics. The result is that they serve customers better with lower operating expenses, cost of goods sold, and inventory.”

When issues arise within supply chains, integration issues are an easy culprit. But what if the problem is within your own department? With supply chain optimizations improving commercial/business alignment with supply chain operations and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) in place, opportunities have shifted inward. Firms must now align purchasing and logistics in order to create value for their customers. 

Every year, the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute works with the world’s biggest companies on emerging supply chain issues, enhancements, and trends. In doing so, our researchers discovered a major strategic integration opportunity between purchasing and logistics. With data from over 180 supply chain leaders, they draw several high-level conclusions, including four best practices for better supply chain management and seven actionable steps organizations can to ensure the success of their supply chain strategy.

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  • Context, definitions, facts, and figures behind game-changing trends in supply chain management 
  • Research findings from 180 supply chain organizations regarding the link between purchasing and logistics and improved functional and financial performance 
  • Best practices for integrating purchasing and logistics
  • Seven actions leaders can take today for supply chain optimizations 
  • The “How High is Your Purchasing and Logistics Integration (PLI)” Questionnaire

Who This White Paper is Primarily For: Global Supply Chain Managers, Corporate CEOs, Supply Chain Professionals, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, and Supply Chain Leaders.

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White Paper Cover: Bending the Chain: The Surprising Challenge of Integrating Purchasing and Logistics