Develop Supply Chain Leadership Skills in UT’s 14-Week Online Program

November 29, 2023

Since launching in August 2021, the Supply Chain Management Leadership Academy has provided more than 200 industry professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and distinguish themselves as business leaders.

The 14-week program is currently enrolling for its spring session, beginning on January 31.

Offered each spring and fall in a flexible, fully online format, the SCM Leadership Academy is designed and implemented by professors in UT’s Haslam College of Business, ranked No. 1 globally for custom executive education facilities and program support by The Financial Times, No. 1 globally for supply chain research by The Transportation Journal, and No. 1 nationally for supply chain graduate programs by Gartner.

“UT’s Supply Chain Leadership Academy is the most holistic and balanced supply chain program I have been exposed to,” said Ben Belk, director of logistics for Bush Brothers and Company. “The course encapsulates the university’s cutting-edge approach to partnering with global supply chains while addressing timeless supply chain fundamentals with a refreshing perspective.”

Students in the program have included managers, directors, and VPs of procurement, merchandising, information technology, transportation, and more. In addition to those who work directly in the supply chain, students have come from human resources, finance, and sales backgrounds.

“There are lots of functions in an organization that support the supply chain,” said Joe Buckley, director of executive education for supply chain management.

“You have the HR manager recruiting and supporting employees in the supply chain. The director of finance who’s budgeting, planning, analyzing the supply chain. The salesperson wanting to learn more about their customers or selling to other larger organizations in the supply chain. All of these individuals benefit from developing leadership skills needed to do their jobs and support their organizations better.”

In just the past year, the SCM Leadership Academy has welcomed students from companies such as Bush Brothers, Caterpillar, Cummins, Nissan, Tractor Supply, Schneider Electric, and SC Johnson, among others.

“The program was like a feather in my certifications cap,” said Prabhu Williams, general manager of Ocean World Lines International LLC Dubai. “It made me aware of how a contemporary supply chain needs to function, recognizing established value enablers, integrating operational elements, and aligning with strategic initiatives for total, end-to-end value optimization.”

The course includes lectures and discussions, breakout sessions, journal-based self-assessments, and live project work. Leaders within SCM share current challenges facing the industry, and the online community becomes a space for feedback and support.

“Engaging at that level reinforces key learnings from the classroom and facilitates their use in the workplace,” said Ginelle Andrews, director of commercial product sourcing strategy for Pfizer. “I was able to apply the learnings, tools, and resources in the workplace immediately after every class session.”

“Peer engagement sets the program apart,” said Arun Sivaramakrishnan, former vice president for digital transformation and current transformation partner for Genpact. “Specifically, the opportunity to connect on a weekly basis with the entire cohort.

“I tried other programs. Most of them place too much emphasis on mathematics and statistics or rely too heavily on reading textbooks. Haslam’s program is different. It brings participants together, providing an interactive platform to discuss real-world scenarios.”

Both Williams and Sivaramakrishnan also appreciated the regular contact with UT’s senior faculty, such as Global Supply Chain Institute co-faculty directors Ted Stank and Thomas Goldsby, and professors Wendy Tate, Randy Bradley, Mike Grojean, and Andrea Sordi.

“We’re living in a world where supply chain continues evolving, with new challenges every day” Buckley said. “Staying up on current trends, mining best practices from faculty and professionals at other organizations, and developing the skills to become a global, multicultural leader are essential.”

If you’re ready to build your leadership skills and drive value for your organization, learn more about Haslam’s SCM Leadership Academy, upcoming dates, and register on the GSCI website.

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