Modern Day Best Practices from Supply Chain Leaders

Research & Success Stories on Supply Chain Transformation Leadership

Identifying what capabilities supply chain leaders need to keep their organizations on the right track in the 2020s and beyond

A White Paper by the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute 


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Authors:Daniel Myers; Mike Burnette; Theodore P. Stank, PhD
Date: April, 2022

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“This has been a period of unparalleled change. The savvier enterprises become about managing their supply systems, the more energy it will take to create supply chain competitive advantage.”

As supply chain leaders there has never been a more significant time of transformation in supply chain management. With COVID-19 disruptions, new consumer expectations, and ever-evolving global conditions comes the increased need for supply chain agility. That requires updated supply chain best practices with a focus on transformational leadership

Even though supply chain management may be evolving as a discipline, guideposts developed by industry leaders already exist for creating winning strategies that are relevant today and beyond. These valuable lessons are critical for developing the next generation of supply chain leaders.

The authors of this paper show how leading firms optimize their approaches to supply chain leadership with best practices, research, and insights gathered from supply chain experts around the world. If it feels like you’re operating in an environment that is constantly shifting, this paper will provide you with a solid foundation from which to start your journey.

Download this white paper to find:

  • Modern-day supply chain leadership best practices 
  • The roles end-to-end (E2E) supply chains and digital play in present-day supply chain management 
  • Supply chain transformational leadership maxims, research and foundational requirements 
  • Explanations and examples of how benchmark organizations are succeeding 
  • An ESG case study for how to look ahead, plan for, and apply supply chain best practices through 2030 
  • Leadership insights and articles from global supply chain experts, including:

    • Larry Wyche, president and CEO of Wyche Leadership and Supply Chain Consulting 
    • Daniel Myers, global business leader and retired executive VP of global supply chain for Mondelez International
    • Jeffrey Chen, SVP of P&G Greater China 
    • Elizabeth Radke, chief supply chain officer for Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 
    • Dave Hoyt, chief strategy officer for Daugherty Business Solutions
    • Atul Khosla, founder and CEO of Leadership at Humanite LLC

“The maxim ‘behind all great results are great leaders’ is as true today as it has ever been. Benchmark supply chains must create leaders across every level of the organization. We worked with subject-matter-experts who authored short leadership articles to expand this maxim into a set of new maxims for winning transformational leadership practices.”

Download to learn about new supply chain best practices to transform your leadership and contributions within your organization.  

Who This is Primarily For: Corporate CEOs, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Professionals, Supply Chain Leaders, and Supply Chain Students.

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