Alan Amling

January 13, 2022

Alan Amling is a TED speaker and thought leader on harnessing digital disruption for success. He helped drive innovation over a 27-year career with UPS. Today, Amling is the CEO of the advisory firm Thrive and Advance LLC and serves as an advisor to several supply chain startups as well as the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute and NextGen Supply Chain Conference. His latest book, Organizational Velocity, was published in 2022.

As VP of corporate strategy at UPS, Amling helped revitalize UPS innovation and venture capital programs for the digital economy. He moved into the role after serving as VP of marketing for UPS Global Logistics & Distribution.  

At UT, Amling teaches supply chain strategy and technology courses in the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Online, MBA, and Professional MBA programs.  His research focuses on the digital transformation of the supply chain and disruption in last-mile logistics. 

Alan holds a Ph.D. in Management from Kennesaw State University, an MBA from Indiana University, and a B.A. in Business and Psychology from Lewis & Clark College.