How To Build a Strong Master’s in Supply Chain Management Application

December 15, 2023

As companies look to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce operational costs and adapt to rapid global market changes, the demand for skilled supply chain professionals—sometimes known as logistics professionals—continues to rise. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the logistician job market is expected to grow 18% by 2032, creating over 38,000 projected new openings yearly. These promising job prospects make now an excellent time to upskill by earning a master’s in supply chain management.  

Online supply chain master’s programs are particularly beneficial for busy professionals who don’t want to relocate or put their careers on hold. In programs such as the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Online (MS SCM Online) offered by the the Haslam College of Business at UT Knoxville, candidates can earn their degree part-time, allowing them to apply new skills in real time and build a diverse professional network while continuing to work. 

Admission to programs like UT Knoxville’s MS in Supply Chain Management Online can be competitive. What can you do to improve your admission chances? Explore the following tips to learn how to submit the strongest application possible. 

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Are You Eligible for the Online MS SCM at UT Knoxville?

UT Knoxville’s MS SCM Online is for working professionals looking to develop their supply chain management expertise. Ideal applicants have an undergraduate degree in business, economics or engineering and three to five years of relevant work experience. While leadership experience is not required, having some background in supply chain management along with calculus and statistics knowledge is helpful. 

Since the program is not industry- or location-specific, candidates from various industries are welcome to apply. However, candidates without business or supply chain management experience should provide evidence demonstrating their ability to succeed in the program.

UT Knoxville’s MS SCM Online requires a standard set of application materials, including a statement of purpose, transcripts, and a resume. Test scores and an additional statement are optional. The materials you submit should reflect your qualifications and interest in supply chain management.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose is critical to your UT Knoxville MS SCM Online application. You should clearly and concisely articulate your motivation for pursuing an MS SCM degree, why you are a strong candidate for the program, and why you chose to apply to UT Knoxville. It’s also helpful to provide specific examples and anecdotes highlighting your interest in the field and demonstrating how the program aligns with your goals. 

Proofread your statement to ensure it is clear, concise, compelling, and contains no errors. We recommend asking a trusted peer or mentor to edit it. 


UT Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business requires all MS SCM Online applicants to submit transcripts from the institutions where they earned a bachelor’s degree and all institutions where they have been enrolled or earned credit for graduate-level work, even if they didn’t earn a degree. PDFs, photocopies, and other copies of official transcripts are acceptable for application review, but if you are accepted and choose to enroll, official transcripts transmitted directly from your institution(s) are required.

Transcripts may be sent directly from your institutions or through a designated service, such as the National Student Clearinghouse. Web-based grade reports, degree audit reports or evaluations from credential services are not permitted. You don’t need to submit high school transcripts. Former UT Knoxville students are exempt from uploading their UT transcripts since the MS SCM admissions office can access them. 


A well-structured resume will serve you well in every stage of your career. When preparing a resume or CV for your UT Knoxville MS SCM Online application, include relevant information about the following: 

  • Work or internship experience
  • Educational history
  • Research projects, awards, and publications

Carefully read through your resume or have someone you trust to edit it. You’ll want to make a solid first impression. A compelling, error-free resume can accomplish that. 

Standardized Test Scores

Standardized test scores are not mandatory for admission to UT Knoxville’s MS SCM Online program. However, including either GMAT or GRE scores (no older than five years) can bolster your application.

If your application is lacking in some areas, outstanding standardized test scores can highlight your potential to succeed. Weigh the strategic value of submitting these scores and do so only if you’re confident it will strengthen your application. 

Optional Statement

An optional statement enables you to include information you haven’t shared in other parts of your application or to address any potential concerns the MS SCM admissions committee may have about your candidacy. 

You can use the optional statement as an opportunity to elaborate on any unique circumstances and further demonstrate your resilience, growth, and readiness for the program. 

Consult With a UT Knoxville Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment advisors can offer insights into what the MS SCM admissions committee values in candidates. They can also give personalized advice on emphasizing your strengths and addressing any potential weaknesses as a candidate. Take advantage of this opportunity to bolster your application before you submit it. 

Paying Attention to Application Deadlines

UT Knoxville’s MS SCM Online program offers three intakes per year: January, May, and August. Be sure to submit your application by the submission deadline for your preferred start date. Applying early indicates your preparedness and allows you to address any potential issues or missing elements in your application before submissions officially close. 

Why Earn Your MS SCM Online From UT?

Ranked No. 1 among graduate supply chain programs in North America by Gartner, the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s MS in Supply Chain Management Online helps candidates develop the skills to solve business problems and lead supply chain processes. 

Its curriculum goes beyond theory, exploring varied supply chain concepts and functions ranging from planning and manufacturing to technology and international trade. During the flexible two-year program, you’ll attend weekly online classes, complete asynchronous coursework on your schedule, and practice solving real-world supply chain problems during a capstone project and a three-day in-person immersion in Knoxville. 

At UT Knoxville, you’ll learn how to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and receive personalized support from your dedicated student success coach. The program also offers regular faculty office hours, providing a direct line to industry leaders who inform and teach our curriculum. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, start your application or connect with a UT Knoxville enrollment advisor to learn more about how the MS SCM Online can help you achieve your goals. 

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