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classic Pepsi can laying on a word wood background.

PepsiCo Restructuring a Sign of Strength

April 22, 2019
PepsiCo initiated a plan to restructure the company, and the company anticipates that its approach will generate productivity savings and a boost in revenue.
Metal cubbies full of various Amazon packages.

How Amazon Can Deliver On Its Promise To Reduce Emissions

April 14, 2019
Amazon announced a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions for 50 percent of all shipments by 2030.
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“Survival of the Fittest Supply Chain” and Shay Scott’s Foresight On Supply Chain Excellence

April 1, 2019
The supply chain impacts every part of consumer life. Learn more from this review of Shay Scott’s Strategic Logistics Summit speech on March 19, 2019.
Haslam College of Business Building

University of Tennessee To Expand Online Degree Programs With Noodle Partners

March 12, 2019
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, today announced a partnership with Noodle Partners to launch 10 online programs over the next three years. The majority of offerings will be at the graduate level.
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UT’s Haslam College of Business Launches Online Master’s Degree with Noodle Partners

March 11, 2019
Noodle Partners, the nation’s fastest-growing online higher education provider, today announced a partnership with University of Tennessee’s (UT) Haslam College of Business to launch its inaugural online graduate degree.