UT Haslam Expands Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain; Currently Recruiting Ambitious Supply Chain Professionals for January 2020 Intake

Earn an MSSCM online from top-ranked UT Haslam

UT Haslam’s Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain, a top-ranked, nationally-recognized and highly focused program, is currently accepting applications for Spring of 2020 enrollment.

The 11-month program will allow professionals the opportunity to earn a degree in Global Supply Chain in under a year while engaging in an EMBA that The Economist ranks #1 in Student Relevance and Gartner ranks #2 in the nation for Graduate Supply Chain Programs.

The program is designed to provide students with a global perspective and will entail four residence periods: two domestic residencies at UT Knoxville and two abroad, in Europe and Asia, exposing students to some of the world’s most booming supply chain hubs.

UT Haslam’s Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain provides each student with a personal leadership coach for the duration of the program as well as the first year following the program’s completion. Taught by industry leaders and top-ranked faculty with decades of experience, the EMBA for Global Supply Chain offers students exposure to its Global Supply Chain Institute and robust network that includes corporate partners such as 3M, Amazon, AT&T, and Google.

The program only requires 30 days out of the office. Its duration makes it one of the shortest of its kind, boosting its value, furthered by the fact that many students are sponsored, in part or in full, by their employers.

According to Shay Scott, the program’s director and Supply Chain veteran, who led American International Logistics for Dell prior to coming to UT: “Our Executive MBA program is one of a kind, offering students the unparalleled opportunity to learn from supply chain experts while gaining hands-on, feet-on-the-ground experience at real, international supply hubs.”

Recognized by US News as one of the best Business Schools for Supply Chain and one of the nation’s top-ranked Graduate Supply Chain Programs, UT Haslam’s Executive MBA can be the key to unlocking growth in your career and while providing yourself and your organization with a level of Supply Chain expertise that can’t be found elsewhere.

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