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11 Reasons To Get Your Master’s at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business

If you want to grow your career in supply chain management (SCM), consider the 11 reasons below to study Supply Chain Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business.

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1. Relevance

Haslam offers a rigorous course of study- during the program, you’ll deepen your knowledge and bring immediate value to your industry. You will learn about-

MS in Supply Chain Management Online

  • Supply Chain Functions: planning, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, talent, risk analysis, and performance measurement. Learn to support individual enterprises and the supply chain as a whole.
  • Supply Chain Enablers: recognize how the supply chain exists within the business environment and study how factors like technology and geo-political forces impact the supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Concepts: master how the supply chain brings value to companies. You’ll also get real-world experience with a capstone project, which will use both exercises and a simulation to provide a foundation for understanding end-to-end supply chain strategy.

Executive MBA – Global Supply Chain

  • Global Business Acumen: critical knowledge such as competitive strategy, trade, governmental/environmental compliance and tax
  • Transformational Capabilities: organizational design and talent change management
  • Integrated Business Planning: how supply chain management best interacts with other business functions including risk management
  • Integrated Value Chain: end-to-end supply chain focus, from product design to performance targeting
  • Supply Chain’s Role in Business Performance: utilizing a modern, global supply chain to impact the bottom line
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2. Rankings

Rankings can help you determine how industry leaders, companies, and alumni view a program. Haslam has been distinguished as not only a top program for SCM, but as the most supportive and relevant program. We’re proud of the recognition our faculty, students, and program have been getting.

  • The Economist agrees that we offer the most relevant SCM degree, and ranks Haslam No. 1 for relevance and No. 2 for quality of students.
  • Gartner—the world’s leading research and advisory company—ranks Haslam’s supply chain programs No. 2, nationally.
  • Haslam is top five in the best SCM programs according to US News & World Report.
  • The Financial Times ranks Haslam No. 1 among executive education programs for facilities and program support.
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3. Faculty

Our faculty are highly regarded industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom. But, more importantly, they are also hands-on, accessible, caring teachers. The Economist places Haslam at No. 12 for student/faculty ratio, and Haslam students rate the faculty top for quality. Below are just a few examples of how our faculty are shaping important conversations around everything from ethics, to big data, to the gender gap:

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4. The Global Supply Chain Institute

In addition to our esteemed faculty and top corporate partners, we’re also home to the Global Supply Chain Institute, which fosters the most visible, reliable, and efficient supply chains from end-to-end, throughout the world. The Global Supply Chain Institute publishes industry-leading white papers, and twice a year hosts the Supply Chain Forum, which connects researchers, recruiters, and supply chain professionals, bringing them together in one place.

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5. Our Community

The University of Tennessee slogan is “Big Orange, Big Ideas,” and at Haslam we’re committed to challenging the status quo, enhancing knowledge, driving change, and transforming the world. Our graduate students are diverse. They come from local and global locations, and go on to generate national and international solutions.

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6. Powerful Network for Women

In 2015, Haslam launched the NeXxus Initiative, which centers on building community and confidence for women in SCM. Together, our students, faculty, and Supply Chain Forum partner firms are addressing the gender gap by training and empowering a diverse student body within the Haslam College of Business supply chain program.

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7. Alumni Network

As a Haslam alumni, you’ll have access to our network of over 60 partnerships with leading companies in SCM. After you graduate, you’ll stay connected and continue growing your network with regular updates on the program, fellow alumni, and special events.

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8. Online Learning

Online learning is flexible; it brings the classroom to you. With the online MS in Supply Chain Management Online and Executive MBA – Global Supply Chain at Haslam, you do not have to relocate or leave your current job to earn a degree from a renowned supply chain institution. You’ll connect with your classmates and instructors in digitally, and between class sessions, you can complete coursework on your own schedule and talk with faculty during regular office hours.

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9. Hands-On Attention

In addition to our faculty being regularly accessible, you’ll also work with a personal student success coach in the MS in Supply Chain Management Online and a faculty advisor in Executive MBA – Global Supply Chain from orientation through graduation.

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10. Exciting and Rewarding Career

Each year, the Graduate Admission Council conducts a corporate recruiters survey. The most recent report found that 29 percent of all employers plan to recruit candidates with a Supply Chain Management degree, and over half of all manufacturing companies are specifically looking for recruits with a Supply Chain Management degree.

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11. Financial Opportunity

A Supply Chain Management degree is an investment in your future. According to PayScale, entry-level supply chain analysts with a bachelor’s degree earn an average base salary of $54,184, while senior supply chain analysts earn $76,675. However, a director of SCM—a position that most often requires an advanced degree—makes a median base salary of $122,840.

There are more than 11 reasons to come to Haslam, but it would be impossible to quantify and qualify all of them. Whether you’re looking to assume a leadership role within your current organization or seeking a new job, an MS in Supply Chain Management Online or an Executive MBA – Global Supply Chain from Haslam will help you take your career to the next level and make a real impact on your organization. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business offers one of the oldest and most well-respected supply chain management degrees in the country. Now, our faculty, expertise, alumni network, and community of supply chain leaders are available online.

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