The Top 10 Reasons to Get Your EMBA for Global Supply Chain at Haslam

December 17, 2019

Supply chain directors, vice presidents and executives–all established in their careers–have distinct, highly specialized, and sophisticated requirements when it comes to pursuing a master’s degree. The Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business presents countless ways for you to continue growing as a supply chain leader, deepening your impact and immediately increasing the value you bring to your company. But we’ve narrowed down 10 of the top reasons supply chain executives choose Haslam when looking for an Executive MBA.

10. Industry Recognition, Vision, and Leadership:

Haslam is home to one of the oldest and most well-respected supply chain programs in the country. Founded in 1930, Haslam’s original transportation program soon grew into a logistics program, which then evolved into the supply chain management program. In 2012, Haslam founded the Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI). GSCI serves as a global hub for supply chain research and development, shaping and influencing the practice of supply chain management. It connects Haslam’s globally ranked SCM faculty, students, and corporate partners, which include Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon, Dell, FedEx Services, Google, Pepsico, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Walmart and more. You can see a full list here.

9. Unparalleled Faculty:

The faculty of the EMBA are highly regarded scholars with real-world chops. All faculty teaching in the EMBA have first-hand industry experience either through consulting, their work with companies while at Haslam, or prior careers in supply chain management. Industry leaders such as Bush Brothers and Company, SC Johnson, Maine Pointe, and IBM have all recently partnered with Haslam faculty to produce white papers that set benchmarks and best practices for supply chain excellence. You can check out GSCI’s white papers here.

And you can catch our faculty in the news:

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8. Executive-Focused Program Design:

Haslam offers one of the only one-year Executive MBA programs, designed specifically for executives. Many schools call their programs “Executive” MBAs, but there’s a difference between a true executive program and one for working professionals in general. Rather than holding weekend classes, which can take years to complete and limit the applicant pool to local residents, Haslam’s EMBA combines four residency periods with distance learning over a period of 11 months. This format attracts top talent by opening the program to executives across the country and around the world.

7. A Cohort of Senior Supply Chain Leaders:

Haslam’s EMBA students are experienced, diverse supply chain executives, with an average of 12 years of managerial experience and an average age of 39. Fifty percent of each class are women, 50 percent are international and 100 percent are employed in leadership roles. During the program, our students work in close concert, exchanging ideas and forming pivotal and lasting relationships. Since students come from functions across the supply chain, forging relationships with your peer leaders helps our students develop a more comprehensive view of the end-to-end supply chain, a view that drives supply chain excellence, value ,and opportunity.

6. Balance:

Distance learning plus four residency periods means the best of both worlds.

You’ll only need to miss about 20 days of work for the immersive residency periods, during which you’ll expand your network. And, because our cohorts are highly selective and capped at 25-40 students, you’ll spend lots of one-on-one time with your professors.

Between residencies, you’ll have two distance-learning sessions per month, each lasting two hours, and you can expect to spend approximately 15 hours each week on reading and assignments. Our coursework is rigorous, but we know balance is important, and the program is designed to fit into your life. You’ll be able to complete distance learning anywhere and on your schedule. From your lunch break to your home office, it’s up to you.

5. First-Hand International Experience:

The first and fourth residency periods are held in Knoxville, and the second and third are held in Europe and Asia. During the residencies, you will gain invaluable experience through immersion in the cultural, economic, and political realities of world markets. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with international businesses and governments, allowing you to gain deep insight into supply chain realities globally.

4. Put Lessons to Work, at Work:

There are no tests in Haslam’s EMBA curriculum. Our program focuses on an integrated curriculum that requires you to use your organization and your industry as the basis for all assignments, research, and projects. Haslam faculty take an applied learning approach, using simulations, case studies, group breakouts, and project work. Your studies won’t be siloed from your work life–they are immediately useful in the workplace. This helps keep our program rigorous while maintaining balance.

3. Bring Exceptional and Immediate Value to Your Company:

During the program, you’ll work on an Organizational Action Project (OAP) with the opportunity to pick a project for your organization and, guided by a faculty member with expertise in your area, generate a return on investment. (Though these projects aim for an ROI of $1M, historically the average ROI is $6.5M.) The value you will add far exceeds program expenses, and over half of our students are promoted to new positions while in the program. As part of our Leadership Development Program, you’ll also work with an Executive Leadership Coach during the program and for up to one year beyond the program.

2. Global Network of Supply Chain Leaders:

Haslam students immediately become part of our global network of supply chain leaders that includes our faculty, students, alumni, and corporate partners. During the program you will develop relationships with your classmates, professors and the international contacts you make during your residencies that will last throughout your career.

1. Ranking:

No. 1–that’s the ranking for our world-class program facilities. The Economist has distinguished Haslam’s EMBA as the most relevant EMBA–worldwide.

From the curriculum to the structure of the program, the Executive MBA at Haslam is tailored to the needs of supply chain executives. Haslam’s EMBA combines cutting-edge scholarly research and insight with applied learning that will enable you to immediately impact your organization and advance your career.