Grow Your Supply Chain Planning Capabilities in UT’s 8-Week Online Program

June 4, 2024

This fall, supply chain professionals can take part in the latest virtual short course from the expert faculty of the Global Supply Chain Institute. The new SCM Planning Academy kicks off September 16 with eight weeks of synchronous and asynchronous learning aimed at developing the planning skills and insights most desirable in tomorrow’s business leaders.

“The pandemic exposed some hard truths about the state supply chain planning,” said professor Dan Pellathy, who designed the course with executive education director Joe Buckley.

“Without question, supply chain personnel performed admirably under the most adverse conditions in a generation. Still, significant gaps in employee competencies, a shortage of empowered senior leaders, and insufficient organizational support severely constrained many companies’ response.”

Leading companies have taken those lessons to heart and are now making supply chain planning talent and leadership development a strategic priority.

To meet the demand, the SCM Planning Academy will provide lessons on critical topics, such as end-to-end planning, data management and information technology, demand planning, materials and production planning, demand-supply integration, and more.

“Supply chain planning underpins key initiatives from innovation and digitization to agility and risk management,” Pellathy said. “In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting market demands, the role of supply chain planning in leading company response has never been more critical.”

As with the flagship SCM Leadership Academy (a 14-week course) and the SCM Finance Academy, the program incorporates lectures and discussions, breakout sessions, journal-based self-assessments, and live project work. SCM leaders will join to share current industry challenges, and the online community will become a space for participant feedback and support.

Since launching the academies in 2021, more than 1,500 students representing various roles and industries have participated. Content shared in the academies is designed with everyone from managers to VPs in mind. Much of the learning is adapted or serves as a preview for UT’s highly regarded Master of Science in Supply Chain Management online program. Students who participate in the Planning Academy earn UT certification and are awarded valuable class credits (3) toward the master’s program if accepted.

UT’s Haslam College of Business ranks No. 1 globally (among public institutions) for overall client satisfaction, value for money, and growth in executive education by The Financial Times. UT is among the top supply chain education institutions in every category, according to rankings by Gartner and U.S. News and World Report.

If you’re ready to grow your planning skills and make the next jump in your career, register on the GSCI website. The inaugural program runs from September 16 to November 10, 2024.

Download the white paper (free) “Advanced Supply Chain Planning: Leading Edge Capabilities Needed to Win in 2030,” co-authored by Pellathy and former Procter & Gamble executive Michael Burnette.

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