Welcome Letter

Supply chain management is changing the world, and with our new MS in Supply Chain Management (MS SCM), you can equip yourself to better be a part of it. In Fall 2019, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business welcomes our first class of MS SCM students in a fully online, flexible program that is tailored to meet the needs of young professionals who want to influence the future of industry.

Since 1994, the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute has the privilege of serving as the preeminent global hub connecting industry, academics, and students during this exciting coming-of-age for supply chain management. With more than 350 company relationships, 1500+ students, and dozens of faculty, we are shaping and influencing the development of the profession. Our programs are highly ranked, but we measure ourselves primarily through the practical and relevant impact we have on the hundreds of businesses and the thousands of individuals with whom we interact on a regular basis.

Working with industry leaders and the #1 faculty globally for supply chain research, we have designed our MS SCM program to propel students forward in their careers. The program will instill in you a cutting-edge perspective on how SCM creates value, it will build crucial skills and capabilities, and it will connect you with industry leaders and others on the journey to shape how their companies and the world view supply chain management. The program offers the flexibility to remain in your job as this provides the best environment for you to maximize your learning and impact.

Dr. Shay Scott
Program Director